Grow Your Plays


GrowYourPlays would like to welcome you to the number one trusted SoundCloud supplier on the Internet. We deal with organic methods which is why we are delivering real plays, likes, followers, re posts and comments. We issue you with around the clock customer support through our online chat ( shown on the bottom right hand side of the page ) so that no matter where you are in the world you can always be assisted. We understand the importance of being seen and heard on this social network which is why we are offering very low prices but delivering what we know is the best of quality out there. We understand that you may have had a bad experience where some of your services have dropped which is why we have a tester option on our ” plays page ” so you can see the speed, quality and the way you are taken care of by our customer support team.


GrowYourPlays started back when SoundCloud first hit the scene because we had seen the potential it could bring artists and how much effect it would have on their music portfolio. This is why we have studied this social network from day one, finding unique methods in which your account maintains safe when applying the services. We only use real marketing to provide you with real plays, downloads, likes, comments, followers and re posts. Our mission is to get you as an artists where you need to be within the near future which is what we have done and are doing for so many up and coming artists at the moment. We are open twenty four hours a day seven days a week including holidays so that we can guide and advise you at any given time. We are not in this for profits, we are in this to build peoples profiles who have massive amounts of potential but are not being seen and heard because of the sheer volume of people using this network and uploading tracks every other day.


The fact that we are always around to help you and provide you with key advise that can and will take your account to a different level should be enough to persuade you to at least try us out. You will notice when searching the web that not many of the sites providing these services are online to assist you, you will also see that they do not offer you a test order for you to check them out and if you have took the time to email them you would have seen no reply. Due to us operating around the clock and offering real SoundCloud services that do not drop off or ban your account we are able to get you as an artist above your competitors and in the driving seat for you to be seen by the people you are wanting to listen to your music.


We do not need any passwords or private information from you when delivering such services as followers and re posts. We understand that some companies out there will ask for your passwords so they can manually add followers but that is against SoundCloud’s terms of use because they will be spam following. All we need you to do is make your account public for the duration of us adding the service to your account. You will see that we offer a money back guarantee that if your order is not completed within the time frame we have stated on our website we will refund you but on the basis that your account was public to start out with.